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Okay I dont know if you guys have seen these things on the net called Brush Hero? It attaches to the end of your garden hose and uses the water pressure to spin a scrubbing bristle. No power needed. I saw the video and they are 28 bucks. So I said what the heck Ill try it out. To my surprise they are AMAZING!

I just used it to clean my rims, brakes, swingarm, and all the hard to reach places and it worked incredibly well! It should also be noted that I have xtreme machine challenger rims on my bike. Basically they look some crap batman would have. They are like a huge ninja star. Tons of curves, sharp edges, and holes in them. It used to take me an hour to get them how I prefer them.

Today however? I hooked this thing up and in 15 minutes I was done and I did zero scrubbing. It did all the work for me. Heres the end result. You guys be the judge.

Cant recommend this thing enough!

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