Brocks Top Tree & Heli-Bars

Anyone tried Heli-Bars with Brocks Top Lowering Tree?Already have the tree and wanting to order the bars but not sure if the reservoirs will clear the screen and/or dash and was hoping someone has tried the combo(asked Brocks but they don't know either)before i order the bars/tear my chit all apart only to find out they won't clear,etc.,etc.,etc.

Will do,had them on both of my other Busas(one with a stock upper tree and the other with a one piece lowering upper tree)and liked them a lot,now that i have 40 extra lbs. of gut that i didn't previously have i'm sure i'll like 'em even more(almost a necessity now).:laugh:
Thanks for the link bigjack,looks like some got them to work and others didn't.I had them on my Gen I with a one piece top tree and they were ok and this time will are going on a Gen II so am keeping my fingers crossed!I'll definitely take some pictures of any fitment issues and post back up here.:thumbsup:

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