Brock's Alien Head Slip On Install


Just installed the Brock's Alien Head slip ons on my 2012 Busa. Install took 15 minutes. My bike is white so I got the black coated ones. Deep sound and no decel pops or FI light. Just what I was looking for. I had the Yoshimura TRC slip ons on my 2011 GSXR 1000 but I thought they were too quiet.
I called Brock's and they said I didn't need to remap with just a slip on. Took it out for a 60 mile hi speed run after install...ran smooth, no decel pops, or flat spots. It is the loudest pipe I have had on a metric bike since the supertrapps I had on my 2000 V Max. Pricey, but really changes the look of the bike
QUOTE=busa1023;3081593] , but really changes the look of the bike[/QUOTE]

I can't tell :worthless: