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Just posted new start page for .org. hope it's not too high on the bandwidth. Refresh your browsers, delete your temp files and you should see it.

change is good!  
I will add a nice touch in the middle of the startpage, back behind in the distance. It will be quite nice. Hayabusa rocks!

Thank you cache. Anyone who wants to be sure they are included in the "random" pics at the top should post their pic on the appropriate state or country in the lists on the startpage and then send me an e-mail on the side. No worries.

Maximum looks good!!!      

I like it when the page gets a facelift every now and then...
Thank you to SirUkBusa for posting a good quality shot. No fav playing I swear!

I pose this challenge to all...Send me a high quality shot in similar pose as SirUkBusa and I will use it. I will make the "rider" shot a random image using the new riders. This will make the site even better!

Pictures against a darker background will make my job so much easier. I promise to use all pics that are taken at the same angle and quality.

Tomorrow I will enhance the background so look for a very nice completion.
Maximum, I’m getting a new screen pop when selecting “Boards” from the main page.  Is this design intent or something on my end?
The board seems to be running slow when attempting to add a reply, takes forever to update.

I’m done whining, rebooting the PC…