Break light not getting brighter when pushing the front break lever


]Ok I was doing a search for my problem and came across the similar problem to this gentlemans problem.
I have break lights, my rear break works fine when pressing the rear break pedal( meaning it gets brighter) but when pushing my front break lever, the break light stays as such( not getting brighter). Now I do notices that when I turn on right signal it blinks very fast, but when signaling the left one it is a regular blinking speed. Any answer on this matter?
The front brake switch is disconnected or inoperative. The switch is located on the bottom side of the front brake lever perch.

If the signals are flashing too fast on one side either you have a signal bulb on that side that is burned out, or someone replaced a bulb on that side with an LED type bulb.
Sounds like two unrelated issues to me, but I'm no expert. Are you running an integrated tail light ? If so you might have some issues with it causing the fast signal. The brake light issue sounds like a front brake switch, unless you've installed aftermarket adjustable levers. If you have aftermarket levers you might try adjusting the brake lever to see if the problem goes away. Otherwise it sounds like a switch. Like the clutch switch, with the motor not running you should hear the click of the switch when you pull the brake lever.
No integrated lights.... All factory. Also I never changes the bulbs since I purchased the bike. The right signal has alway blink faster than the left(since I've bought the bike). I'll check the bulbs and also check the switch....and I will advise
Did you happen to install a new brake lever or have the brake lever off of the bike recently?

You should hear a "click" noise when applying the brake lever. That would be the brake switch being activated by the lever
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Indicators sound like mismatched bulbs front and rear on the right side...probably a 10w bulb instead of the proper 21w.

Brake light is likely a broken lever switch as already mentioned....when you pull the lever listen for a click just as you start doing it.
If that sounds OK but still no brake light then get a small piece of wire and connect it across the 2 wires on the switch....if that gets the brake light working then you need a new switch....if not you will need to trace the wiring along the bike and look for a break / joint thats stopped the connection to the lever switch.
No I have not installed new levers. Ironically, I just recently changed my front and rear tires and went to try and fix the the break light and it was working. Then a cpl of days past, it was no longer working again....hmmm.