break light problems


Could anyone help me out here? I just got a pit-eck undertail, I have temporarily wired it in and the turn signals work and the running lights work but when I hit the break the break lights go out. We have checked if the leds work and they do. could anyone please help.
You don't have to keep posting the same thread, you'll get a response be patient.
everything works till I hit the breaks instead of getting brighter it goes out, I think it is called the running lights I could be wrong though.
Is it the diamond light pattern? I have yet to hear anyone, including myself, get one which is wired correctly from the factory. Mine came with all the LEDS in backwards, so none of the lights worked. Doing a little creative wiring, I could get the tail light and brake light working, but not the turn signals. I eventually got my money back.
yes it is the tail with the diamond pattern. I guess I have two choices then, get my money back or try to find some one who could find out where it is wired wrong. thankyou for your input.