Brake pad buzz


After about 2 months of a front end buzz driving me nuts, I finally found the source, in about 3 minutes, using Revlis' suggestion. That being, start tapping things with a rubber mallot hammer until you find the buzz. I stripped off the plastics and all. Turns out I didn't need to. I would have sworn it was something related to the radiator. Anyway, turns out its the brake pads. Specifically, it's the thin metal liner shown in the pic below. For some reason, mine buzz when the bike is under load. Tapping the side of the brake recreates the buzzing sound exactly. Holding down these metal liner where the arrows point makes it go away. Sooo...

My questions are:

Is this normal?

Should I consider new pads if I want to kill the buzz?

Are there brake pads that are designed differently than these stock pads that wouldn't create this noise?


my double hh aftermarket dont have that plate.ive replaced on many a bike and dont ever see that on after market pads.dunlops have a nice ceramic back for less fading .but xnay on the plate
I'm glad you found your buzz, Meltdown......I'm still looking for mine

Now that you found it, get a little tiny bit of of the Bronze Silicone hi-temp Automotive gasket kinda stuff. Just a tiny little bit, remove your pads, wipe em down good and place a tiny little bit here and there between the backing of your brakepad and the thin metal plate just a little tiny bit should do it. Buzz should be gone. THough seriously I am surprised that it's your pads.

Glad I could help. The ole' rubber mallet is a handy tool, just be certain to find one with a super soft face. Good way to ensure nothing is loose on your bike or car really. Just thump it!