Bike Wont Power Up


After washing my bike yesterday I went to start it and no power, I turned the key several times and I am able to get power but as soon as I press the starter switch I hear a relay click and it kills the power. I did use a new product called bike brite is it possible that got into my ignition switch because I am now having an issue even turning it. Anyway anyone have an issue like this, I did order a new ignition switch just for the fact it is so hard to turn on anymore but would be nice to know if this can be causing my problem of no power. The battery is charged it can not be a fuse because if I fiddle with it enough the power will come on, it is not the sidestand switch. I had zero problems before washing it yesterday it may be nothing more than coincidence I have never had problems before washing it with just about any thing you can imagine. It sure seems to be all surrounding the ignition switch but why is it killing all power as soon as I hit the starter button and why if I fiddle with that key for long enough can I get the power to come back on. The bike is a 2002
Did you soak the controls and the ignition with a hose? Might need to dry out. You could take the left and right controls apart to see if there is moisture in there. I have not seen this happen before.
Did you soak the controls and the ignition with a hose? Might need to dry out. You could take the left and right controls apart to see if there is moisture in there. I have not seen this happen before.
No more than I ever have before the only difference is I used that bike brite stuff this time. Getting water on any part of the bike has never been an issue and I have had this bike since 2002 so I have washed it hundreds of times. Also it sat in a 110 degree garage for 2 days now so if it was a moisture problem I would think that would have dried up by now. I am 90% sure it is the ignition switch since if I mess with it I can get power some times, my assumption it that maybe bad or corroded contacts in the switch can not sustain the draw the stater circuit is putting on it because I can hear a relay clicking off as soon as I hit the starter button, at least I hope that is the issue. Since the key is difficult to even get to turn that kind of adds to my suspicions I was hoping for some sort of confirmation it would make me feel better about dropping $150 bucks for a new ignition switch and maybe give me confidence I will be able to ride this weekend after I install the new switch. Thanks for your suggestions you guys
I would take the switch off completely and give all the connections a good cleaning. Adjust anything that needs adjusting and see how that goes. Then if it still gives you problems than maybe look for a unverisal one, used or any aftermarket knock off, etc.
The ignition switch is giving me problems anyway it does not want to turn it jams then I have to mess with it I ordered a new OEM I found online, so I have a different key for my gas cap not a big deal. I wanted a plug and play switch which would still allow me to lock my bars , one I would not have to mess around with. Most switches I saw advertised came with a new gas cap and those were in the $250 range so lucked out finding this one. So in the end the switch would have been replaced anyway I just hope it is also the cause of my power problem, not sure what is in that bike brite stuff but if it some how contaminated the contacts in the switch maybe that is the problem. Given the fact you spray it on full strength and every thing else I ever used is diluted with water I suppose it is a possibility, either that or this is another one of those great coincidences that only seem to happen to me ha ha. This so far at least seems to be a problem no one else has seen before, that is kind of par for the course for me. I will sure let you know after I install it, this forum is great for getting opinions on trouble shooting I love it and I check it out any time I run into some kind of gremlin that is not easily traced.
Coincidence. Sounds like the switch is gone or key is worn.
Yea my guess is the switch I have a spare key that is virtually brand new almost never used and it does the same thing, it is just nice to get confirmation on a problem like this so I was hoping some one else ran into this but no as usual I end up with another issue no one has ever seen. After looking into the way the starter circuit works I am feeling a bit more confident that it is the switch I will know in a few days the new switch is supposed to be here tomorrow. I will come back and post if it fixes the problem just in case some one else happens to run into something similar. This forum is a great data base for things like this.