Chieck light problem please help


Hey guys/gals. I just got a 2000 Hayabusa with very low miles. Bike hasn't been run for a couple of years. There is no fuel pump prime or power to the fuel pump. The check light is on. The FI light isn't. I checked the kickstand switch making sure it wasn't faulty. I also checked all the fuses. Am I missing something here. My bike will not start. It does turn over. With the key on the coolant temp is pegged and it shows like 50mph on the speedo.

Could I have a bad computer? The three things the manual said was no communication from the pcm to the gauge panel, bad ignition fuse, kill switch, kickstand switch. My kill switch works, i don't think the kickstand switch is an issue, and the ignition fuse is good. I'm thinking bad computer.

Has anyone come across a problem like this? Please help!
Battery is garbage. It holds no charge. I have it on a charger. It cranks fine. Should I get a battery right away for it. The fuse panel is getting low 12 volts.
I would check the fuel pump relay.
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Got it running. In fact was the battery. Heard fuel prime. Cranked, popped. I then pulled the plugs which were black. Replaced those started right up.

Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just so you know...the bike will run even if you completely unplug the instrument gauge cluster