Bike is dying just off idle.


For several minutes after getting her out in the morning she keeps dying. Not even idling rough. Just up and dies. Any ideas?

She only has 1,500 miles on her.
Mine did that alot at first - brand new 03 - my idle was too low and I was not allowing enough warm up time.  Super Duper race car-like motor should be properly warmed up first before driven:

1.  turn key and note initial clock time
2. wait for whiney fuel thingy to shutup and then start it
3. use fast idle for 45 seconds, then turn down to 1200 rpm
4. put on all your gear:  gloves, helmet, pants, coat, check your boots, position nut cup - stall tactic for more warm up time.
5. tie down your crap, or slowly rub your hump in admiration
6. do your walk around and check tire presure, check your lights, reflectors, brake light, look for oil
7. mount the bike, stand up right, adjust yoru mirrors, kick stand up, clutch in, put in first gear so THAT can warm up
8. note the clock time and sit there ready until it turns over to the NEXT minute and then take off

I try to warm up for 3-5 minutes and haven't had that problem since.
Yeah A couple times I have had this happen and it was usually cold running not enough pre-injection and I was in a hurry. WWJD's Pre-flight check is a good idea. My start up routine.

1. Start Bike, Full Pre-injection for about 20 seconds, then off. No Throttle inputs.
2. Light cigarette.
3. Walk around the bike, pretending to be checking fluid levels and bolt integrity. (Actually Just admiring the Bike don't tell the Wife)
4. Flick my ashes in tray, grab leather, pull it on.
5. Walk around the bike again, this time blowing smoke into the exhaust path to watch it fly....
6. Put out smoke, pop in a piece of gum and pull on the Skid-lid.
7. Pull on gloves, tighten as needed.
8. Grab package with left hand and locate it appropriatly as I swing a leg over and settle in.
9. Sidestand up, quick temp check, back her out of the garage and roll backwards down the driveway.
10. Smile big and away I go....

Hope just letting it warm a little more helps. If it's real bad and keeps doing it get her to the shop...
Damn, Revlis, you're pretty good using just the left hand package grab technique. I am forced to use BOTH hands while adjusting during mount, but I'm hoping to get a reduction soon as the excess muscle weigh is hurting my lower back.
Ah the Secret is boxer shorts, and Baggy Jeans...Give em' plenty of room... then make sure you do not jack up a wheelie...The Tank is pretty hard...
oh yeah.. me and the tank have already gone further than my last girlfreind... I'm thinking of popping the question. What do ya think? Too soon?