Throttle unresponsive, bike dying


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So as referenced in:
My throttle is being unresponsive, then the bike is dying or delaying connecting with the position I have the throttle at. next thing I am looking at is fuel filter....if not then I may just have to take it to the local guy or even the dealer ($$$) to fix it, because I do not know what else to do or what else it could be

Basically I have ruled out battery issues, charging issues, air flow issues, the plugs are new and look good, no fuel leaks, gas in tank is good.

It will start up fine, run fine for a few minutes, then die out on the road, or when I shift up it will drop it's rev's to idle, but then wherever I am on the throttle will just launch to that position, at times causing a very scary burst of torque. Then the bike will die, able to restart a few times when giving it some gas and holding in start, but not reliably or predictably. Eventually it dies and will no longer start, battery drains after trying a few times......possibly related to engine temp? The engine is not overheating.

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome guys, I am out of thoughts.
Plenty more things to look at. Pick the easiest one first.

How many miles are on your bike? Have the throttle bodies been synced? What is the idle set at? What do the spark plugs look like? Is the fuel filter clogged? Lot's of questions that need to be answered.
28xxx miles, I am going to jump into the fuel filter in the next few days, wasn't quite prepared to do it last night. If I depressurize the system, and then disconnect the two hoses going into the fuel pump from the tank, will the whole tank drain, or just the length of the hoses? Not knowing that is what has kept me from checking the filter so far. When I bought the bike I was told it was a new fuel pump....but you know how that goes. Spark plugs look fine, I pulled one when the problem started, showed it was running a little lean but that was before the fuel leak. Throttle bodies I am unsure of if they were synced recently, what does that involve?
The tank will drain. There should be plugs in the trunk on the rh side.

No plugs there, the bike was stripped when I got it of everything in the trunk....luckily I had a stock toolkit from my old SV, and the fuel prop rod is on the way.....where can I get these plugs or substitutes? what else should be in the trunk other than manual prop rod and toolkit?

Thanks again si-lo for your help on this.
09251-07003 Plug

09251-09005 Plug, Fuel Pipe Out

They are just little rubber plugs. They fit over 2 posts in the trunk.

The only thing I can recommend would be to get a couple of longer hoses and just drain the fuel into a gas can.
take a look at my problem solved post , see the pics of the fuel screen. the small one in the pressure reg was as bad , had all the same symptoms as you describe , runs just fine now,
btw big thanks to you all who gave advice :beerchug:
Thanks delbert, yea seeing your post is what convinced me to start there.....just went to dealer and ordered a new one, figure I will replace it regardless of what it looks like if I am going through the trouble of pulling it.

crossing my fingers :whistle:
remember theres 3 filters in all , dont miss one , took me around 3 hours start to finish , good luck :thumbsup:
sounds to me a possible throtte position senor bad

Can you point me in the right direction on how to test this? Would it also kill the engine sometimes and then get to th epoint it would no longer start?
the 99s were plagued with fuel problems...coating on fuel pump came off and plugs your injector screens...known problem.

replace the pump...

clean the injector screens.