choppy acceleration and sputtering


I have been having herky jerky acceleration lately starting off and in second gear. It is usually between 2-4,000 RPM. I have had to adjust the idle up a little over the last month because it would sometimes die and each time I set it up to 1,500 it ends up idling at 1,000 but does not die anymore. I just put in some seafoam additive to my tank have driven about 40 miles can't tell a difference. I am going to keep driving over the next few days and see how it does. I wonder if this will work or am I wasting money.

Bike is 2003 with 5,000 miles, slip on yoshi and that is it. Should I ride it out wkth the seafoam or any other suggestions?


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We could tell you more if your avatar pic was bigger.. :whistle:

Sounds like years of not riding it enough are gummin' up the injectors maybe? :dunno:


haha back in the archives there are some better pics of the old bike.

This is a fresh tank. I have had the bike and put about a 1,000 miles on it since I had it. I have put nearly 1,000 miles on the bike in the past two months I have had it. I thought it felt that way before but since I got it back from the painter I really noticed it yesterday. That is why I filled up the tank (only had about 1/8th left) and added the seafoam. I guess I will keep riding it and see if it gets any worse or continues. I have never changed spark plugs so this might be a new adventure. I have scoured the forums and it seems like I don't need like a tune up until another 5,000.


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Plugs, and while your in there, peek at the airfilter, maybe clean that rats nest out, blah, blah, blah. You crank the bike with the fast idle on and when the bike warms up switch it off ..... right.


Well I think it was just some cob webs or moisture bad gas or whatever. Seafoam yesterday so today I started it and let it run for a good 15-20 min while I was doing some things at the house. Took it out for a nice ride and wow it was like brand new. I mean no sputtering very quick reacting throttle. So should I continue to run the seafoam for the whole can or did one tank of gas worth do the trick?


You may of cleaned the injectors out....I was going to suggest pulling the injectors and sending them in to have them calibrated. That bike has done a lot of sitting.

Every bike I have had the injectors recalibrated was a completely new bike afterwards.


I realize is has done a lot of sitting considering it only had a little over 4,000 on it in 5 years and I have already put more than 500 on it in the little time I have had it. I had not changed the oil yet becasue he was it was done a little over 200 miles ago but I was thinking that could have been some time last year. I am going to change that and may do the injectors as well then.

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