Big THANKS are in order!!!!!!


I wanna give a huge thanks to MC Mustang, Duts87ss, and HawaiiFiveOh. Without these three nice caring individuals I wouldn't be riding again!!! MC Mustang sent me a Caliper and HawaiiFiveOh sent me a Rotor both out of the kindness of there hearts after I ran mine too long with bad pads and toasted the rotors and caliper :banghead::banghead:!!!! Duts87ss got it all put back together, even after I did a great job of messing it up! Got fresh oil, a clean and lubed chain (I wasn't aware it was that bright!!!), and most importantly some brakes!!!! I hope one day I can repay the three of you!!! Duts87ss and I are gonna have to ride over to see MC and enjoy some Flowrida weather down in Pensacola! Well I figured after all the abuse she deserved a day of beauty and pampering, this is the cleanest she's ever been since I had her at least!!!! :laugh::cheerleader::thumbsup:






You are very welcome - and are welcome to stop out my way anytime! Glad I could help - your scoot looks great!
Awesome!! It's just what guys here on the oRg do :thumbsup:

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Nicely done gentlmen. :bowdown:

Shawn(Mc Mustang) recently helped me out BIGTIME aswell. :thumbsup:

I love this place. :super:

Yeah she's very very happy now!! Now all I gotta do is find one of you close who knows how to work on the Buell and I'd never have to leave here!!! Hahaha what iPhone app works for the forum cause trying to do it on Safari is getting on my nerves!!