Beware of rodents


I recently brought the 'Busa in for servcie because the FI light had come on. It turns out when I stored the bike for the winter in my garage, a mouse had nested inside the bike and chewed through various wires causing the FI light to come on. The dealer recommended putting mothballs around the bike if it is stored again. The upside to the story is that after feeling I had neglected the bike, I had the dealer install a Yoshi RS-3 full system and a power commanderII. I would definately recommend a 4-2-1 systems, it adds a whole new dimension to the bike.


They make Bubbles that completly covers your bike and if something punctures it you will know because it will deflate


The Watcher
i have a friend that has had mice in the summer just eat up his manual and anything under the seat. He is now using poison.



Had a mouse nest in my helmet one winter. Chewed up a nice pair of gloves I had inside it, but luckily no damage to the helmet. Then I had a oppsum take a s*#t on my bike seat the other night. He didn't live long after I found where he was hiding in my garage. I now keep traps near my bike and helmet to keep this from happening again.
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