Why would my oil pressure light be on?


Hayabusa 1300
Year- 2000

I had my bike sitting in my garage for two weeks and i tried to start it on a cold day. Now it wont even fire up and the oil pressure light came on as well as the check light. The oil pressure light remains on and the screen displays CHECK. Checked all FI system sensors, seemed to have no problem, but the bike wont start. What might be the problem??
Won't start is a bit vague, does it turn over and not fire? Or does it not even try? And btw the oil light should remain on as long as the bike isn't started because not running you are getting no pressure.
if you havent started it in 2 weeks most likely your battery is dead as the same thing happen to me a few months back. Get a battery tender cost about $25-30, hook it up and you're good to go until you ride it regularly.
I recall the check display from a kicksatnd down...the not spinning the engine would be a dead battery if all else is ok...do you hear the fuel pump do its thing when you turn the key..gages sweep? Hopefully you get it running asap.