Beware of counterfeit fairings on Ebay

I also have the 2008 Orange and Black busa and was looking for a oem right side fairing on ebay about a month ago....I went as far as adding it to my cart but got this gut feeeling not to go with it..I brought one through Honda East
When my 2009 Silver/Gray Busa went down, I wanted to replace all the scraped up parts. I saw the e-Bay sets and thought it was a good deal. NOPE. they don't fit together and don't have the heat shields or tape, a inside support was broken and the connection points didn't matched exactly like the OEM parts. Now the paint job was killer, except for a few small scrapes or scratches that looked like they painted it and rushed getting it to me and it wasn't completely dry when they packed it. So I wrote the owner and only wanted to give me a small partial refund. I told him I wanted a full refund, at first he said OK, but he kept stalling, At first he replied to all of my emails, but kept stalling, what are you going to do, he's in China? Finally I filed a claim with PayPal, after filing and telling all the details, they denied a refund to me - never got a straight answer why - seems many claims for China go this way. At this point I was just going to ship it all back to him even though it was going to cost as much as I paid for the Parts and Shipping But he wrote back and stated he wasn't going to refund me any of the $$'s and would refuse the returned items and it would come back to me. You have no real recourse with many vendors that are that far away.

Maybe you'll get lucky, but this sucked. I ended up biting the bullet and buying from a US deal who makes after market OEM parts on e-Bay and they were great. Cost a little more, but I paid a lot for the 1st set and didn't use it.

By the way, if anyone wants the set from China, it is for a 2009 Silver and has all the pieces except for the tank to replace all your body parts. $150.00 and it's yours, but you will have to pick it up or figure out what shipping will be to you and I'll add that to that cost. I'll have to look to see what it weighs. Also I have the OEM scraped up nose and right side fairing if anyone wants them. I can get you picts any of this too.