Fairings ordered from divinitymotor (eBay)


So I pulled the trigger on some fairings on eBay.

Wanted to go OEM, couldn't afford at this time. Being in a crunch for transportation, I went with these fairings.

Awesome reviews on them. Fitment is OEM matched and so is the quality. Seller stands behind their product, so I feel secure in my purchase.

Attached are the fairings I ordered. Just out of the paint booth. The turn signals are not in these pics but are included.

Once I receive them, I'll post side by side comparison. Mine are a lil rough lol. But you'll be able to see how close they are.

Ya I went down again, poor judgment doing a lane change. 7am commute.. half asleep, ran into a large road cone doing a shoulder check.
Nailed it.

I lost control and went down on my left arm, Broken dislocated shoulder. Almost fully mended. On week 5 now.

Glad you are ok! That could have been waaaayyyy worse.....

Looking forward to the comparison pics, I am contemplating buying afternarket fairings.
Sorry to Hear Of Get Off. If Later You Decide To Go OEM InBox Me..Get Well....
Thank you for the kind words. Fairings are shipped. For those pieces, including stator cover, 2 gaskets, bolts and heat shielding, came to $400 shipped to British Columbia, Canada.
I paid about a grand for OEM fairing, directional light pod, Woodcraft stator cover and levers. Almost got sold used, aftermarket fairings advertised as OEM from private party on Ebay. Beware, some aftermarket fairings are horrible. Got OEM fairings from Honda East Toledo. Ask for Justin and tell him you are a hayabusa.org member and he'll get you a nice deal.
I think it was about 700 from Honda East Toledo for the side and lower and the tail pod. The stator Woodcraft cover and Pazzo levers were about $300 more. Got those from Pashnit.

Sorry I forget the exact prices and this was 7 months ago. Honda East and Pashnit were good places to shop though. Those are sources I recommend. Motomummy has good deals on Pazzos also but I don't believe they do the custom engraving like Pashnit will.
subscribed! i just want to see how they look and fit mounted up when you get them in case i need a set down the road. mend up my friend.
Still waiting on shipment. They got stuck being shipped out because the box was too big. EMS turned it around. Caused a delay. It's on its way now.

Still in therapy. Been 6 weeks now and bone is still not completely fused. Damn it hurts.
OK I received the package today.

As expected there are some blemishes but still pretty damn good for the price.

I have emailed the seller to see what he will replace or refund.

All are small paint blemishes and a very small warp in the nose fairing which will come straight when I do bolt her up. I'll post more when I get home.

I just want you all to see the progress of paying dirt cheap for fairings.

I will post the back side of the fairings as well when I get home, all tabs look great.

Ok so update, I assembled the fairing pieces together, man o man I am IMPRESSED! very impressed. snapped together very cleanly. Without having the screws to secure the nose fairing pieces in place properly, it was hard to get good clean pics.

Anyways, check out the album. I took what I could. I will be putting them on the bike soon. They forgot to send me the heat shielding and the seller responded that he will be sending them asap. I may remove the old shielding and glue them down. I'm working out a partial refund for the slight paint blemish.

Let me know if there is anything specific you guys would like to see while they are still not assembled on the bike.
Aside from a few hiccups, they look great from what I see in the gallery. Can't wait to see them mounted up.
I am dealing with these guys right now as well.. they communicate with me pretty good and often. That is usually a good sign. It isn't really broken english either. I think just their warehouse or whatever is getting shipped out of china