Best Fit & Finish Exaust,Best Quality, HMF or Yosh


These are the two I am interested in after reading here for a few months.
But I would like to know what one is bolt on no mods to fit, & what one is farthest away from the radiator so there is no heat transfer problems from the header?
I kind think the x collector of the duall HMF would be best for torque, also would keep the stressed member suport for subframe, but Im not sure?
I like the weight savings a single exhaust offers, but who here has the experiance & knows what is prudent?
More H.P is always nice but I want quality & a polished or chrome look to my muffler system, no carbon fiber.
my Muzzys titanium with polished alum can will be for sale in few weeks. gonna put sidewinder on quick. be4 season is over. :D
Akrapovic Evo is perfect fit, good power, nice rumbly sound (not to loud), 20 lbs lighter than stock, and very cool (since it is Ti).