Best communicator for the money?


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Looking to get wired! Any help in this area would be appreciated. I want something that is hands free and isn't the size of a CB radio. Any suggestions? Pointers? Past experience? Thanks all............
Chatter Box
I have heard both good and bad about The Chatter Box. There are two kinds hands free and push to talk. If I were to get something I would get one of these. had a lot of information on this some time ago, unfortunately, those posts were all lost two months ago.

From what I remember, Chatterbox had problems with static and range. Another brand was named with excellent reviews, however, I do not remember the name.

Perhaps someone does and will post soon.
yes, we did go thru this on
Chatterboxes are not the best deal around but workable for price.
The GMRS X-1 is your best bet for the price. Use precautions against moisture.

If money is not an object check out:

Autocom bike to bike.
K-31XLU -- Bike-Powered GMRS

If you are resourceful you can use one of several radio products like
handheld GMRS that have headphone adapters and PTT switch capability.

Look at this site down the page
Guys just buy the radio throw it in the tankbag plug the headset/PTT in, select a channel and go. The benefit is that you can unplug it and use it as a handheld in camp/events to communicate with whoever. This is the way I would go, best prices, best range. Have it your way. They run anywhere from 70-170 a pair about 200-225$ complete set of two (radio/mic/earphones everything). You can't even buy one X-1 for that.

I like the motorola see at:
weather, the whole enchilada.

Next choice would be the X-1, last choice autocom

Whatever you decide, if you chose to use handhelds like I would make sure that have jacks for mics and headsets. Some setups have adapters to plug in your CD/Cell phone.
has headsets/mics etc

ICOM makes great radios most powerful etc but the are the most expensive handhelds. $168 apiece but still better than the X-1 etc.

These guys can talk you through it all.
Collette. Same as the Chatter box, but unbeliivable. It is out of Canada. They were designed for snowmobiles. My buddy is a dealer. I can get you one. He is in Brazil for a week or so. PM me and I will have him get in touch. Features include close range for city, long for highway. 1/4 to 2 miles. Voice activated, passenger also. Private switch off. 900 Mhz technology, and get this......CELL PHONE COMPATIBLE. Yup, I can answer the phone. My wife is calling....I will be home soon honey, in about 4 more hours. The VOX sucks after 120mph though. Too much wind noise. If you use a quiet rider for you helmet, than you can 200mph and it will still work. In case you are wondering a quiet rider is a cloth that tucks into the bottom of the helmet and seals the bottom to your neck. With the shield locked it sounds like you are in a car.
I have one when I ride with my friends. No complaints.
Even works up to 3-4 miles away if you get separated too.
It is expensive but is worth the money!
Thanks everyone! Looks like I have alot of info to evaluate. Discreet007 if I decide to go with Collette I'll pm you..........