helment to helment communication


I'm looking to upgrade my helment communication system.
I've been using the Nady PMC-3 product for the past few
years and it has worked reasonably well even at highway
speeds. However, it's time for a replacement and it seems
my only choice is the chatterbox product. Has anyone had
any experience with chatterbox or have used another
product. I was wondering about the mounting of the chatterbox and how involved, etc., the Nady has been really nice in that you just plug in the earpiece, attach your mic to
the velcro and go...any feedback would be appreciated.
Cool, you tell me what the hell a helment is... I'll tell you about the communications.
Sorry sorry ....

Personally though, I would avoid the Helmet communications... Do you really want to hear what someone else has to say while riding? I know I sorta like riding because it cuts down on the background chatter of the world and you can just ride...

Do you really want to hear what someone else has to say while riding?  
does anybody else think rev took a "dumb" pill just before he posted this??

haha obviously the guy wants to talk to people while riding or he wouldn't already have a system.. and be looking at another.

just messin' wit ya rev.. don't ban me! haha

hey busa bad.. my wife is wanting me to get a set up so we can talk when she goes riding with me... (it's ok with me rev.. only when she's with me though.. haha other than that it's earplug time) are you planning on selling your old system?
Umm...No Dumb pill I was mostly after an explanation of just what the heck a Helment was... Other wise fair point Bro...
Been using a Chatterbox GMRS-X1 for over a year! great range, easy to use, & pretty inexpensive for what you get. There are better systems but not for the money....
Pure ego, If you just want to talk to your passenger get the Chatterbox Tandem 50. Works pretty good and is less pricey.