Ben Affleck's Choice in Bikes

Hrmmm, perhaps he's a member here on the oRg and we just don't know it :whistle:
That made my day.... Its nice to know that a multimillionaire famous person who can buy and drive anything he wants rides a busa just like me :whistle:
i just watched argo last night awesome movie he directed.also if you havent watched the town your crazy wbich he also directed.
Yeah he doesn't strike me as a "bling bling" type of guy so I doubt he wanted a busa to chrome it out and slap a fat azz unrideable back tire on it. The type of money and connections he got he could get a custom chopper 4 all that
It's good to see a celebrity that is not trying to show off him list of cars for a change. He can show the bike all he wants.