As many of you are already aware, I am the creator and webmaster of The site has been online since Fall 2004, and has been recognized by such sites as Cinescape, and highlighted in magazines including Toy Shop..

I am reaching out to my fellow Busa owners because I need your help. I am in need of fellow reporters and reviewers for a fresh breath of content. I am also back in school for my Fall semester at University of Maryland, and trying to hop between my studies and the site is very hard for me.

I am looking for help from anyone interested in being a part of the reporting staff. If you look through the archives of the site, you will see that the content covers any of the following:

1. Star Wars/Star Trek/Indiana Jones
2. general scifi
3. general movie news
4. general music news
5. general technology/PC info
6. collectibles
7. gaming
8. motorcycles/riding

If you have an interest in any of the above items and like to write, you're qualified. You don't need HTML or website experience, but if you have it it's a plus. The site receives global attention just like, so your thoughts and opinions will be out there literally for the world to see.

I take every possible opportunity to highlight and its members as well, so any news from this site which can apply to the above listings is also able to be posted there. For example, back in April someone posted pics of an awesome Busa tricked out with a Batman airbrush theme. I was sure to point that out to my readers.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated, and as always whatever I can do in turn to help this site in the process is something I'm glad to do as well. Sorry if this post constitutes as SPAM, but I really need help so I'm reaching out to anyone who might be available. If interested you can reach me through here or through my actual site. Thank you for reading.




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I may be interested. Let me take a look at your site again.

Projekt likes to write!!


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I love to write. Review some of the things I've written here, especially in single topic debates and let me know what you think.


P.S. Feel free to let me know if you think my writing sucks! It's the only way I'll improve.