Been a long journey!!!!!

I finally was able to get the busa back together. Had tons of probs w/ swingarm install and seemed anything that could go wrong did. Anyways here are the mostly finished pics of my project.....turned out ten fold better than my first try at it. The last pic is my first epic fail of my transformation. :puke: Thanks for some of the org member's advice and parts. :beerchug: Hope everyone likes!!!!!! :thumbsup:

busa front.jpg

busa gauge.jpg

busa front left.jpg

busa front rt.jpg

busa left.jpg

busa rear left.jpg

busa rear rt.jpg

busa rear quarter.jpg

busa wheel.jpg

busa before.jpg


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One of the prettyist extended Busas I've ever seen!
For me, the bike calls attention to itself, not just that, "look at me, I'm extended and my rear tire is wider than yours" look!
Great job. Raydog
Thanks for the comments all!!! Just a few more things and I'll be finished. Can't wait to take it to the track and see what times it will run. Need to work on launches with the extended swingarm...

Mr Bogus

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stretch is not my type of bike but I like the black better... nice and clean looking... always fun to DIY and have it work :)

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