Base spacer

Have got a stage one running7psi.ihave took the engine out and striiped the top end for cam chain and i am thinking of putting a spacer to run more psi boost but am unsure which size spacer can anyone help?
.080 is common, but you can just tailor it to your needs, i have used .040 and .060 for stock bottom end streetbikes running to 8 and 10 psi and wanting to retain more of the crisp throttle response of a non decomprssed motor
10 psi and .040 would ping lightly on one of my earlier builds and i added water inj to that one ,was addicted to 10 psi by then could not bring myself to turn it down ;)
thanks ozbooster i am going with o.80 spacer from big cc ape stud and nut and cometic seems to be the most used spacer.
also another way to fix the timing for the .080 base gasket is to move advance the cam chain gear on the crank 5 spines on the newer gen 1 s you have to file on tooth off inside the gear. works perfect through. actually there is an excellent write up on the org about it.

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