spacer plate gaskets/copper coat?


I am in the process of putting my Gen 1 motor back together after a rebuilt. It looks like it had the .080 spacer plate sprayed with copper coat and no base gaskets. Should I use it this way or use a pair of base gaskets on top and bottom of the spacer? I am using the Wossner low compression pistons. Thanks for any input.
You can just use any bond such as Suzuki bond, or Honda bond.
As long as it is a stock stroke crank
Nope, only thing you need to do is clean the base spacer real well with a wire brush, and some carb/brake cleaner. Hang to spacer from a coat hanger, and give it a generous first coat, let it tack up, then do one more coat, let it tack up again, then install it. Make sure the case, and the bottom of the block are nice and clean before install.

And no, you don't need to run base gaskets on either side.
A tip to make it easier setting the spacer plate without jacking up your copper coat, put a wire or coat hanger through the timing chain and twist into a loop. It give you something narrow and extends up to feed through the hole in the spacer plate and you can grab and pull up through.