Ballistic Battery


Hey everyone. A few years ago I purchased a 230CCA battery. I believe the model was a 14S which required the bottom of the seat to be cut in order to fit the battery. Well it's time for me to purchase another battery and I've heard the Ballistic batteries are really good. I was wondering what model battery you recommend to fit a 2002 Hayabusa and what kind of battery tender or charger to keep it topped off when not in use? Thanks! I found this on amazon but was wondering about the charger.


I have a Ballistic 12 cell lithium battery for my Busa. I've had it for a few years now with zero issues. They also sell a Ballistic battery charger. Some people prefer other brands and such. I chose Ballistic based off the size, weight, and CCA's

There's plenty of places online where you can find great deals on them. Do your research and compare


I also am in the market for a new battery (and regulator rectifier, I'm on my third)
I will certainly check out ballistic!


I had the cigarette pack sized ballistic in my drag bike . 14 ounces . I use to take it out , and carry as a spare on long tour trips on the FJR1300 .
Once the FJR battery got discharged by leaving the radar detector on . I put in the little battery ,and it ran the big FJR for two weeks before I bought a replacement . Shori is also very good I have one in both my Hayabusa , and yamaha T Max 500 . The T max is coming up on 4 years with no issues .