Balancer shaft removal

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Anybody have this problem, or maybe it's just me. How do I get my balancer shaft out. This thing wont budge. The manuel just says remove it but not how.


Most models you are splitting the engine cases , but i'm not 100% on the bird . Why are you removing it ? weight / power ? its only about 14 to 17 ounces , and the power gain will be at most 1 maybe 2 hp . Ive done this on ZX based engines . Do you have the aluminum balance shaft replacement block off that keeps your oil pressure correct ?

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at all busa motors ( 1 & 2 ) you definitely have to split the engine cases .

thanks for that damn hard and time-consuming work. :-(((((((((((

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"the how to" you will find in the manual´s area,
in a kind of subordinate clause,
where the transmission repair/replace is described.
i found this description at page "1D-89" in my english manual of the gen2.

the basic work / procedure at the gen1 is 1:1 the same like gen2.

1st - the motor has to be pulled out and up side down stably stored !
and so on .....

and - i repeat c10´s question - why do you want to put it out?
what problems do you think the balancer causes to you?

Bob's burgers

So I was able to split the case but not remove the balancer shaft yet. I'm removing it because I have a +7 crank I'm putting in. The new crank is without a balancer gear.
People have said the shaft should come out easy, but mine is not moving at all.
Yes in the manuel it shows a pic of the shaft and says remove it.

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here is the fiche of the gen1´s balancer (allone)
(in principle equal to gen2)


after putting out #11 it should be easy to pull #1 out (if i remember correctly)

but you need a replacement - shaft like c10 already wrote!

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(...)The problem is the shaft wont come out. (...)
do you mean the entire balancer or its shaft (#3) at the 2nd pic above ?

ironic question:
did you pluck it like a girl,
or pulled like a man? ;)

irony off

perhaps the O-ring keeps it a bit tight.
my idea would be - put the old lever back to the shaft´s end, tighten its clamping screw and try pulling again at the lever.

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