Back from Maxton


I made it back from Maxton and I have to say, it was one hell of a weekend.

I had the honor of seeing the #8 Budweiser Hayabusa set a new record of 250MPH. This bike was awesome. They were putting ice in it after every run to cool the turbo. I will post pictures below. The 250 MPH run beats every existing run at Maxton or on the Salt Flats.

I acheived my personal goal of beating the production class record for the 1350cc and under class. The old record was 192.7MPH. On Sunday I ran back to back record runs of 195 and 196.185MPH to set a new east coast record. It was a small victory compared to the speeds some of the others ran, but I will take what I can get.

Wow, Congrats! What mods do you have? Putting out 210 hp is quite more than the stocker.
Congrats Bike382!  That's awesome! :beerchug:
Any pics of you making the run?

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Thanks for congrats, I appreciate it.

Here are some pics from the track,some are better than others, enjoy.

This first is of me coming up on the timing traps.

Here is a pic of the Bud bike at the starting grid.

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I really wanted to hop on for a spin, but I am sure that an a$$ kicking would have followed had I tried.

Whoops, I already posted that, sorry.

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Here are a couple of the Bud bike. He is running a Mr Turbo @ about 20lbs of boost and making about 420HP at the rear wheel. The wheelbase is stock along with the breaks and frame. He did have to bolt about 60lbs of steel weight to the bottom side of the bike (sorry no pics) just to keep the front down and the rear from spinning.

Rick Yancy is the owner of the bike and is a really nice guy, he is also very tall. He had a smaller rider make to top speed run on sunday. I think Rick works for Dale Earnhart Inc., and I have to say, his bike was perfect. Every screw, fastener and fabricated piece was beautiful. Nothing cobbled or half a$$ed.

Thats all for now, I hope you have enjoyed the pics and if you feel the need to hit the track and have questions, don't hesitate ask.

Ride safe,

One last comment, thanks to everyone on the board that has answered my questions and helped me achieve my record run.

You guys are awesome!!!

I don't care what that ticket says....
I am still way way way slower than you! :tounge:

Congrats on your record run!

I can bump up in the production category and take the records in the 1650, 2000 and 3000 cc classes without any further mods. With some practice, the bike is capable of 200+, but now it is coming down to launch technique, wheelie control etc.

I will be moving up to NOS and then Turbos after I claim the other three production records (my next goal).

The next run is March of next year, maybe some of you guys can make it?:super: It's worth the trip!
Bike 382 congrats on the run and glad you had a great time. Next time you come down give me some forewarning and I will meet you there. I'm about 2hours from there... I can make it most saturdays---sundays thats another story.
Good to hear it Dezzy. My next trip will probably be in March of next year. You can usually get in about 5-10 runs on Saturday (depending on how crowded it gets and the weather).

You will have to make a few safety mods before they let you on the track, but nothing earth shattering. They are going to change the rules for next year to make all racers over 175 MPH have metal valve stems as well as metal caps, but the rest is just basic safety wiring and a dead man switch.

Good to see some interest in the sport, it is what the Busa was born to do. :cool: