Auctmart Fairings review " Hard Headed"


Let me be the first to say I didn’t listen! I wanted to change the color of my busa and decided to be cheap and order fairings from AUCTMART after reading several reviews on this site and others. They were not always the best reviews but better than most overseas fairing companies that I reviewed. So I decided to give them a try and this is where the nightmare began. First I ordered their top package which included 22pieces and a free windscreen for $749.99. The site says it should take between 2-4 weeks to be delivered. The 2nd day after my order was purchased I received an email double checking to make sure the order was correct as well as the shipping address. I confirmed all information they asked and I thought everything was well under way. Well 2 weeks no package, 3 weeks no package, 4 weeks no package, 5 weeks no package, 6 weeks no package now I begin emailing asking questions what the holdup is. After several emails finally the package comes 7weeks after order. So the fairings come 60-70% of the holes not punched out and a few runs in the paint as well as a few of them chipped in the corners. After 7 weeks of waiting I figured I better just take what I have and move on. I took the fairings to a local dealership who I deal with on a daily basis (I own an insurance company and send them tons of business because their customer service is great!). So the advise me on the down falls of these fairings and problems they have run into before but hard headed me I tell them go ahead and put them on. So the dealer does I go back and get the bike a few days later they look pretty good on the bike. So ride it 5-6 miles home just on the local roads not going over 45mph.. So a few days goes by and weekend is here I take the bike out with a few friends we hit the highway and I’m just coming off the on ramp speed somewhere between 70-80mph and the left side fairing just falls off. I’m furious I take it immediately back to the dealership I’m sure something most not have been bolted down. The owner of the dealership takes me back into the shop and says “ I told you about those fairings they are of weak quality and don’t hold up. If we didn’t do our job we will pay for them but when you look at the bike all the bolts are still in place, all the push pins are still in place as well. The fairing just broke with the force of the wind. “ He points out all the bolts and things so I take pictures and email it to AUCTMART. AUCTMART replies to email well sorry we don’t warranty them and we will give you a great deal on the busted fairing. So I respond how much. They respond $340 shipped. I shoot a email back asking how are you going to charge me $340 for 1 fairing when I paid $750 for all 22. They respond well it’s the biggest fairing in the set. So I tell them I’m done with their company and I will be sure to leave negative feedback and post my experience on the forum. They then counter back will sell it to you for $200 shipped please don’t leave any negative feedback or post about it. The dealer sold me a oem fairing brand new for $400 and told me as others start to break down come back and will let you purchase them through us at our cost and we will install them for free for all your trouble. I just wanted to share my story about AUCTMART. You get what you pay for don’t be hard headed like me better to come out of pocket and get quality oem from the start.

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I'm sorry to hear that it's been such a fiasco...lessons learned and thanks so much for letting the gang here know to not waste their time...

Look for a full set on ebay or something, get some custom paint done, or just go back to stock...
Ahhhhh, sux man! Thank you for posting. I'm mulling over the fairing buying morass right now, too. Guess I will go with OEM. Someone advised religiously checking better for my situation which is just scraped up paint . I can still ride mine. Well, that is a really pretty bike what I can see of it. Got some interesting parts I don't have. Turbo, hey? NIce. You and me just have to cough up the cash and put it behind us. LOL go without eating meat for a few months. Finances will balance out.
Hello Woosab,

going off the subject here, your bikes colour scheme is the blue with black rims? ( from what I can see in the pics) what year model and where was the bike sold. I have raised the colour scheme question on this forum before, no one seems to know the blue and black colours, most were blue with gold rims. I have a blue and black busa as well. some replies were that the previous owner must have changed the colour but this is not the case.

Hey thanks for taking the time to share the story. They certainly won't be getting my business...although their fairings would seem to be a lot easier to get off than the OEM fairings. I can't get mine off when I actually riding the bike! I blame the turbo...