as if the zx10r didn't have enough powa!


they have a cool VFR S/C kit too.

A&A Performance - Supercharged Sportbike Specialists

The prototype bike is finished and currently undergoing extended durability testing. The initial results, to put it mildly, have been absolutely stellar. Check out our page for 5th-Gen VFR800s to get a good idea of the level of quality and performance you can expect once the kit is ready, and our Frequently Asked Questions page to help make up your mind.

As always, feel free to Contact Us with any input you may have. We hope to start taking orders for the kit within the next few months, and expect pricing to fall somewhere in the $4200-$4500 range.

Even if you baught a used 5th gen vfr, the super charger kit, it would still be half the price of a new VFR1200. Probably about the same power too.
My buddy has a 2000 VFR, I told him about the kit.

He didn't appreciate it when I told him if he bought it his 4th gear pull and my 6th gear pull would feel the same. :poke:
there are super charger kits for the busa

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