Anyone Hockey Fans?


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I have season tickets to the Minnesota Wild. Love the sport.


what kinda costume party was there with those pick and puke green cumberbuns on?

LOL, I was invited with a friend and my brother to see the "Slap Shot II" movie with the Hansons. It was a blast and they were fantastic people in real life. God were they funny.

I've only been to a game once, but I loved it...just haven't made time to go again; I should...
Kings fan here! Not a rabid fan but they're the Home team. I've been to the Staples Center about 5 times. Much better in person.
I'm also a goalie on a ice hockey team.

S7R4NGER, this is a hockey thread, besides soccer is NOT a sport, it's an activity. Something to do to pass the time. Any activity that involves a ball and NOT being able to use your hands is NOT a sport! Yes, just kidding!
Hockey :) yes, but not ice hockey (although i must admit that it looks really aggressive). How do you call the "regular" Hockey in there?

heheeh "Big O", some years ago someone asked the question:
- "why doesn't USA have a good soccer team?"
and the answer was
- "throw 'em a ball, and you'll see why: an european will stop the ball with the chest or the head and then control it with the foot, the american will grab it with the hands.... that's why" :)
YES! GO BLUES!!!!!!!! Great to see another Blues fan on here (although I wouldn't do that to my Busa). I grew up near St. Louis (Wood River, IL) and made many trips to the old Arena to see the Blues play. Looks like they are off to a decent start this year.