Fantasy hockey anyone


Started a yahoo fantasy hockey leauge. Have spots for 12 teams. I made it so you can carry a few more players than usuall. There will be a big premium on shorthanded goals and points. I also hope there will be alot of trades when the season get going. There will be a live draft Next Friday at 8 pm Mountain time. I know it kinda sucks. It's earily and friday night, but the other alterinitives were later but at like 11 am. Yahoo has players ranked and will auto draft for you, or you can do it before hand. Thinking about having everyone put in some extra parts = to $20-$30. Just an idea to make it more fun. Go to yahoo sport, click fantasy hockey,  leauge is Hayabusa Kings (ID# 28129), password is hayabusa. Signup please. Flyers suck. Later Joe

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