Anybody know anything about this mod?


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Nope, never hear of that one. Sounds kind of like bs to me, but then I'm no expert. Looks like they just wrap the air box with heat reflective tape. I would be interested if anyone has any first hand experience.
It probably helps. I use to insulate everything I could on my cars in the ol' days with my cars. You name it, heat shields, header wrap, ceramic coatings, fuel line insulation, vented hoods, CO2 spray....... This mod will certainly help for everyday driving and keep temps inside the intake cooler consistently. A little more power could be had at most times consistently. Nothing miracle about it. Been done for as long as hot rodding has been around.


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I had mine wrapped years ago when I was still running the OE gas tank. It does help lower the temps a little. Is there a real measurable benefit I don't know. The air inside the box isn't in there very long so the temperature of the air box material doesn't have that much of an effect. It's a real PITA to wrap the airbox.

Snce my airbox is now exposed (no OE tank) I don't have it wrapped anymore. I just painted it silver to help reflect some heat. Does that even make a difference? doubtfull.

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anyone that spends that money deserves what they get.. :rofl: (faster cause their wallet is lighter)


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a minimum charge of $150.00 :rofl: These guys must have gotten their marketing plan from Humongous :rofl:

If you want to do it then just go to and order a 24x24 sheet for 23.95.

anyone that spends that money deserves what they get.. :rofl: (faster cause their wallet is lighter)

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