Anybody have the gel seat?


I am looking into buying the gel seat for mine.  Does anyone have any thoughts about it or prior experience with one?  I can get it for $104.  Thanks!!
I was looking at the gel seat also, but have no experience with one. I work of an outdoor sports company, and our experience with gel seats for bicycles is that in most cases, the seat area becomes even more sore. Maybe it has something to do with the movement of the gel? I dunno. This may not help much, hehe. Take a look at the Corbin setup. Those seats are pretty nice too.
You might want to take a peek at air pod systems. The mother company is Roho and the Bike specific pad is, I believe, Airhawk. You'll sacrifice some fixation on the seat (yours) but for prolonged positioning, this tech. has been the most efficient in pressure relief for maybe 20 years.
Here's one starting at $30.00
EBay Gel Seat Currently on the block
I have used a gel seat on my 02. It works good for me. Better that the stock seat? Only a little bit. Worth the money? Yes.
Ive got the new silver one with the Kanji in the middle of it I woluld sell for 90 bucks you pay the frieght. It is new never used. If or when you get one give it some time when you first get it because it will seem hard at first but it gets better.
The two things about mine is that it did take some break in time and It's harder than a rock when it's cold out. Otherwise I wouldn't trade It.
I have the first gen one and I love it. Super comfy. I also have a new tobin and my gel hasn't been back on yet.