Any CSX Transportation employees here??


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As i am about to be permanently laid off on friday the 13th...yea go figure right lol..we are hearing CSX is planning a major rail hub in cooperation with GE. I am going to a job fair here at the shop that CSX is attending. We are hearing they are wanting to hire alot of us and we are hearing wage scales $25 an hour n up. So anyone want to pm me or post in this thread their knowledge snd or willingness to provide refrence so i have an advantage.. Please do
Well hang in there,i know what thats like.hopefully someone can put a good word in sounds like 25 and up is a good thing?
Were you a crewman, or a mechanical employee?

i work for GE. getting permanently laid off on Friday. CSX is coming to a job fair at GE to hire ex GE employees. i am hearing they are going to build a major hub in ERIE PA. asking if anyone here works for CSX to get input and possibly a referral
My buddy went to an interview so this is just what he told me but the 25 isnt a starting rate. Its a bit lower until a year or 2 of training and then bigger pay increases towards 28-30. He didnt get the position but that was just what he was informed.
went to the job fair and they were not discussing building locally and wanted you to apply on line to positions elsewhere....they took my resume but still....