Any celebrities here

Nice photo Ben !  
  I got that one saved for later use !  
Thanks... It would have been larger and crappier looking, but the .org wasn't uploading it, so I had to use photobucket, which shrankit.
Wow, I rode with BATMAN?!  
  When he tossed his Honda over his shoulder, I suspected something...
That would be superman tossing a Honda around...

I think i saw superman try and take flight though...

I only pick on Mike cause he's a friend... If he wasn't, you wouldn't hear a thing about it.
Man Rubb and Yamahor cant leave you 2 alone for a minute

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I had a song on 4 local radio stations one summer and it was judged 3rd best of the summer by the stuck up top40 station that refused to play it because they didn't get it exclusively. HA I guess that's it

I could easily do movies, so if anyone is looking...
I was an extra in the move "The Presido" with Mark Harmon and Sean Connery..Meg Ryan... I was stationed there at the time. I was in the marching band in the very beggining. Was in the running formation early in the movie. Had a part as a bus driver during the part when Sean's character is walking up to the Presido museum..(they cut it though...bastids!!). The guy playing taps at the funeral was my roomate at the time. After all that I discovered that the celebrity life and fame was not for, I declined all of the subsequent movie offers
Made a movie a work for the company that I work for.
Took a copy home for the wife and kids. They love me.


I don't know about in your Army, but here, we make our own line of crap docos. I always try and get the mug in them for reason unknown. or best kept to myself. lol. However, everytime I do get a run, I touch everything thing with the middle finger, my own personal protest against the next cool thing that has become an annoying acroymn. Even played drunken and abusive soldier once, but did I get an oscar? I was a natural. bloody academy.
Not me, but my daughter was in a dancer in a music video with Mandy Moore. Good thing she got her mother's looks!!!
I was interviewed in several magazines and news shows when I was one of the first Geeks on Call franchisees to start up. If interested, here's a clip from the D.C. NBC affiliate when I was on the 11pm news News Clip
i was in some tv show where they where traveling around to different states and showing off the major tourist sites we had an easter tradition to go out to WHITE SANDS national park there where 20 or so of us and i usually passed the base on one wheel and i went home for leave a month later and there was this show and my freinds dad was crappin his pants
I was on the front page of 2 local papers....Grand theft auto when I was 18. I was a punk and i stole it from a dealership parking lot.. So much for Joy riding. Does that count?
anytime you see a pic of general Macather (SP?) the dude standing to his and behind him is my Grandpa. He was his personal bodyguard during the war. That make me famous???
There is a photo of me in the 7/86 issue of Cheri magazine with a couple of naked sweeties. Ok, I know that's probably before some of y'all were even walking....but still true.