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So i'm sitting here with the tv on.. Low, and behold.. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom started coming on.

What a great movie.. the best in the indiana jones line IMO...

Anyway.. just thought I'd get sorta a list going here. That way when I go to the movie store I'm not going.. "Man I know there are a million movies I'd like to see again, I just can't think of them!!"

So list a movie that you would love to see again for whatever reason and we'll see how far we get.
....and we'll see how far we get.


I would have to say

Thomas Crown Affair

Just out of the newer movies

Deniro is the man
Some classics are: Caddie Shack, Blues Brothers, Animal House, and stripes. I also definitely liked the first Indiana Jones versus Temple of Doom.
Cool subject. But sorry I thought that Temple of doom was the worst in the series ( Just my opinion )

Cant really say what was my favorite movie of all time.
But here's a few I list as top 10 + favorites.

Ferris Bueller's day off
Raiders of the Lost ark ( Blew me away, 1st time )
Star wars ( first release )
War of the Worlds
Gone in 60 seconds ( 1st release, acting was corny though )
Forest Gump
Pale rider
The Saint ( V. Kilmer )
All J.Bond movies
Cool Hand Luke
Surviving the Game
Shashank R.
Oh Brother where art thou
Legends of the Fall

Dont like nuthin too stupid ( unless I have had plenty to drink ) or nuthin too violent, too demonic... or scarey.
Thas' coo Hawaii.. I actually like 'raiders of the lost arc' the least out of the indiana jones movies.. haha.

I love all those "stooopit" movies.. Mel Brooks is the man..

Anything with leslie neilson is gonna have me laughing in no time flat.

Full Metal Jacket is one I always I mean to rent, but forget while I'm thinking about it.