Another Org Free pass around! Long Way Round DVD set...


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
So after raving on Facebook about the series Long Way Round (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travelling around the world on motorcycles) an org member (SleeplessRed) sent me the DVD set in the mail! :woohoo:


Well, figuring I would pay it forward, I sent the DVD set to another org member (BlackDiamondBusa) and now he's done watching it...

Thought we'd start another pay it forward type thread since EVERYONE who rides a motorcycle needs to see this series.

So the question will be, who wants it next, and we can start a list of who wants it so the DVD set can be sent from member to member, anyone up for it?

The first person to post they want it, will get the DVD's shipped to them. PLEASE KEEP THIS TO THE CONTINENTAL U.S. since the DVD's are made for this region.

Also keep in mind this DVD set is 7 episodes long all of which are about 50 min so this won't be a one night video! :thumbsup:

The only "rules":
1. You have to pay shipping to the next member when you are done watching the DVDs. :poke:
2. Please try not to keep the DVDs for more than a week since this thread could take years to finish if that was the case. :laugh:

Let's go! :beerchug: Who wants it???
It is a really great series. Makes you appreciate what you have. Gixerhp send me your address and I can send it out in the next day or two
You also gotta watch the Long Way Down which was England to Cape Town (my home town)
I've seen a pick up truck riding around London with "The Other Way Round" stickers on it. I've also seen a guy on a scooter wearing the same tee shirt so there could be a third in the series! Woo hoo :D
Awesome thread! A great example of the Org and it's members! Oh...and both Long Way Round and ...Down are fantastic views for riders and non-riders alike. If you've seen the Long Way series, you know. If you haven't seen them, you owe it to yourself to do so.

Loved this movie - probably set KTM back a decade or more against BMW. Also - despite the BMW's utter failures dealing with Mongolia and Siberia, it catapulted the BMW 1150 gs to motorcycle cult status and the defacto king of the hill in adventure touring. After surviving Mongolia and Siberia the boys were steely - and it was ironic that they lavished so much praise on Alaska's gravel roads as if they were paved with gold.
Just for anyone that is interested, Long Way Around and Long Way Down are available on Hulu. I watched both of them and they are great films about their adventures on these two trips.
Thanks for the info on this series...just checked and its on netflix instant so I added it to my Watch Queue...
I have it now and am fdone watching the whole series. What a great show. I PM'd Chaney3000 for his address. If I do not hear back from him in the next couple of days I will move on to the next person in the thread that called dibbs.