Another GSX1300R / ZX-12R Shootout

Did anyone get what the author meant by the stock bike was faster than the modded bike? It seemed he implied the tre hurt performance as well as gearing? Dont understand? The tre was able to remove the 186mph restrictor?
busabrother from my understanding about the gearing was that they went from a 40 rear to a 39 rear to try and get more top end, but they said it slowed mph vs. increasing it but when they lower from a 46 rear to a 45 rear on the 12 it help. I did not see the part about the TRE though

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anyone else notice the last line of the article below the resources?

"This story originally appeared in the October 2001 issue of Sport Rider."
Yeah I noticed that, Also as per usual, note how they kiss The mighty Kwackers ass throughout the tests after mentioning that it took Kawasaki forever to hand one over. Hmmm, think they are wanting more bikes from kawasaki? Then they mention "TWO BROTHERS" pipe as a natural choice for the Busa??? Um silly me, I thought a Yoshimura system would be the logical choice.

Bottom line I let my subscription run to Sportlier run out long ago. Of the US publications I have found Sportlier to be almost as Journalistically corrupt and devoid of anything approaching integrity or usefulness as CycleWorld...

Am I biased towards Suzuki? Well F&#%ing DUH!!! But I do make a point of reading objectively and skeptically and the only thing this "Test" accomplished was to prove that these folks know less about bikes than most of us and that they couldn't get through a Quarter mile in a hurry unless they were dropped out of a freaking plane. My solution? Use SportRider to line your Birdcage, and remember, Kawasaki side up... :cool:
My solution?  Use SportRider to line your Birdcage, and remember, Kawasaki side up...  :cool:
Wouldn't that require you to still buy the rag or atleast keep your back copies? I jut don't buy. If I see it laying around at a friends place or something I'll flip through but I do that for all of them. Just my thoughts