Another crash, luckily not me


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Sunday while cruising hiway 25 south of Hollister, a great great two lane to ride BTW, I rode it south, hung out a little at the end and then rode it north. On my way back north as I approached the only real scary corner my V1 sounded off so I slowed and around the next corner was a Park Ranger truck and a Sheriff's 4X4 along with a few motorcycles on the side of the road and two people down. At least one bike looked like it had crashed but I couldn't tell how many were injured. As I continued north I passed a code 3 firetruck and an ambulance on their way to the scene.

For those unanware of the conditions on 25, there is really only one corner that can bite you. Heading south about mid way, there is an uphill set of corners and then at the top it flattens out, turns hard right and is off camber to boot! Heading north its an uphill short straight with a hard left and a very flat surface. Don't know which way the bikes were going, but probably south. One tipoff heading south is some spilled cement on the roadway that has hardened, just before the turn you're not expecting to be off camber and sharp. Keep an eye out for this as its a good warning sign to remember. Hopefully no one was very injured.