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Just wanted to share todays ride. I left the house at 5:30 am and got home at 5:45 pm. Went to New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, WVA. It's like 5 hours from my house. On the way home, I checked out some back roads near Cumberland area and rode around Frederick, MD. I had a blast. She now has over 21,000 miles on her and she's not even 9 months old yet. Not to mention I can't ride when there's snow and salt on the road in the winter. I also had vertigo last February and couldn't ride for the whole month. Anyways, just wanted to share.
That's my boy~

Well done/kudos/congrats!

Oh,, please.
I was just cruising around. Average of 80 mph. Sorry, no pics. I don't stop to take pictures. I only stop for gas and restroom and maybe a hot dog and a coke. That's about it.

until you take a camera!

J/K Glad you had a good ride
The wife was upset that I did 100 miles yesterday... of course I didn't start till after 9pm....
Hey there Limited, I stopped for gas in Deep Creek and rode that road I think it's either 42 or 46. Not exactly sure. I love that area especially I68 and I79. I want to check out RT33 next time. My plan is to take I68, pick up I79 and come back RT33 all the way to I81. I haven't been on RT33 yet except the beginning part on the I79 side. I was there again today to stop for gas. OK guys, I'll try to bring the camera next time. The thing is, I only stop when I need gas. That's like every 150 miles or so. That's how I ride. When I had my R1, I rode over 800 miles in 14 1/2 hours. I stopped for gas like 7 times that day. Did parts of VA, WVA, PA, upstate NY and back to MD. I was by myself, too. Just like today. The best part of todays ride was when I stopped for gas on RT33. Group of people gathered around my baby admiring her. There were 3 US Army guys, a husband and wife and their two teenage kids. They liked my ride a lot. They talked to me while I was having a hot dog and a drink. They were there the whole time I was eating just admiring her. What a feeling that was.