Sometime I wonder

Dont neglect your family and get 7 or 8 hours of sleep or you will die young....LOL
I jest a bit, dude if I won the Lotto I would not even get close to your riding prowess, wow you ride quite a lot where do you find time for everything else?
I don't neglect my family. Most of these miles are done in the early morning between 4-6am or after 9pm if nothing is going on. I know it's family first. That's the reason why I don't go out in the afternoons. I want to spend time with them. So, don't worry. Like right now, I just got home from another 100+ mile ride and they're still asleep.
Hey, Sleeper! Cool to see you're posting that story up. It's inspirational.

Congrats to you (from another full-tilt high-mileage road warrior); keep the miles rackin', brother.

And like all the other 'advice' you've been offered, please be safe out there.


Wow, I thought I was a junkie and a half!

Let's see: 200 miles a day on the beltway makes it easy to put on 1,000 miles a week.

Every three weeks, you need an oil change. Every four or five weeks, a rear tire, every two months a throttle body synch, every four months a tappet check and a new front tire.

I hope you're doing your own maintenance man!

Keep on keepin' on!

What's up guys? I just got home from work and it's family time. For some of you that think I might be spending more time riding than my family, here's what I do for my wife and kids. I didn't want to post this up but just to make people understand me better. Here it goes. Mind you guys, this is since we got married over 9 years ago.

1. I do the laundry for the whole family like every two days. My wife doesn't even go inside the laundry room for the last 9 years we've been married. I fold them, even iron her uniforms and hang them.
2. I don't let her do the dishes, either. I do that, too(manually). I even get her lunch ready in the morning so as the kids'.
3 I clean the house, even though she helps out like on Saturdays because I work, too. As a mailman, we don't get Saturdays off. I mow the lawn once a week and other household chores.
4. When I can't make it to the gym with her, I just drive her so she doesn't have to. I just drop her off, then I go to the bookstore to look at motorcycle magazines until she's done. I open and close the door for her when she gets in and out of the car. (real gentleman, ha)
5. On Sundays, it's family day. We go to movies, park, mall, etc. The only thing I don't do is cook. It's just not for me.
I can go on and on but I don't have to.
You guys want to know what kind of person I am? I think of life this way:
"We only pass this way but once. All the goodness you can show, kindness you can give, give it to them now. Don't let anything stop you for you may never pass this way again."
Later guys, dinner time. By the way, this is why my subject was "Sometimes I wonder how I did it".