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Is it just me, or does suck lately? I have ordered several books from them in the past and got really good, really quick service. The last two orders have been less than pleasing. I ordered a work related book from them and after two weeks it still had not shipped. I cancelled and ordered from Barnes & Noble and had it within a few days.

On Aug. 25 I ordered three books recommended here and they haven't shipped. Two of the three said that they usually ship within 24 hours and the other said 2 days. Now, the one that said 2 days says "Usually ships in 5 to 6 days". They show an estimated ship date of Sept 3 with a delivery date of Sept. 8.

WTF? Is it just the books I want? Or, have other customers seen a decline in service and availability lately? I'm about to cancel the order and find them elsewhere I guess. Barnes & Noble has 'em but they're about $4 higher per book. Not an acceptable difference in my opinion.

Any other fast, reliable online book stores that I might could try?
I think you should hop on the Busa and go to a Barnes and Noble! A good reason to ride...take a back pack! :D

I've only ordered from once, and it was a while sister orders from them frequently, and she said she's noticed they're a bit slower...such a huge machine now; it's bound to slow down eventually!

Its not you bro, are you ordering the books from individual sellers? I ordered a friggin $90 book for one of my classes, waited forever and finally decided to get a refund because my class was already way into the curriculum, and they said I couldnt because I waited too long! they said to track down the guy who sold it to me, so i did, but he's not replying to me at all. I know where he lives but I dont know what else to do.

I dont like to hate, but I cant stand being ripped off. Reminds me of that guy trying to sell Rhythms nonexistent busa on ebay! man! :cussing:
Might be struggling with the recent virus outbreak? I dunno, I have allways been a bit of an Amazon chimp.. Sucks to hear though. Maybe they are still just growing faster than they can keep up.

On a side note I try to avoid buying from the "other Sellers" just for the reasons canIdream mentioned.
i just placed an order last night... i'll keep you posted on how long it took me to receive.
I sent a letter to their online customer service department about the poor service and how I've had to go to Barnes & Noble to get the books I want after cancelling my last two Amazon orders. I don't figure anything will come out of the complaint, but it didn't cost me anything. ;)
Were you trying to get the free shipping for orders over $25? Those orders get dragged out for some reason. I order my textbooks from Amazon and I always pay for 3 day shipping. Less stress.
Yeah, it was the free shipping deal. Still no reply from Customer Service. Didn't really expect one though. They're too big to care about a $50 book order.