alternative tire balancing


Anyone hear of these yet ??

Dana beads ... there supposed to automatically ballence your tires ... I just bought a tire mounting machine and now want to be able to ballence my onw .. and my friends tires ... what do you guys think ???

Tire Balancing Products
Lots of folks use those. I plan to use them when I get my machine.

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The jury is still out one them, leaf that's the last I heard. I had em in my 240 rear as nobody could balance it. They seemed to help.
Stick on weights works for me. No need to change, they are as simple as it gets.

Give it a few...Tuf will be in on this one for sure.
So there good ??? I can't wrap my head around how this would help ballence a tire ... but doing it my self I would love something as easy as this ..
Oh, let me bring the whole house down, cause I don't balance mine at all. However I do buy quality tires. :laugh:
Very interesting . I want to hear more comments and how much are they ? .... where's Tuf??
most street riders swear by them. The manufacture hasn't tested them for racing so racers don't use them. They work on centrifugal force so if all you do is street riding you'll be fine. If you take the bike to the track skip them (Tuff will be along soon and bring up some very reasonable issues/concerns for racers). Do you like to wheelie your bike??? If so I say skip them. The reason/theory behind that is when you put that front tire in the air it quits spinning, all of the beads fall to the bottom of the tire, then you place that wheel back down doing 30MPH (or how ever fast your going) and its like a small rock in your tire until the beads can re distribute themselves around the tire. I don't track my bike and I keep both wheels on the ground so I use them and I've not had any issues. We've had a few heated debates on these beads before....