Alpinestars SP-1 racing gloves


I got some sweet Alpinestars SP-1 racing gloves for the Hayabusa delivered today. I have several pair of gloves now, but these are the first set of "nice" high quality protective gloves I've ever owned. I would have gone with the Alpinestars GP Plus model which is a step higher than these, but I couldn't get the size and color selection I needed for the right price. These should do just nicely. A buddy of mine from work laid his bike down at Gateway wearing these exact gloves and he came out unscathed. If they worked for him, I'm betting they will work for me.

The GP Plus ones were a 2008 model for only $125. That was a super deal that couldn't pass up. Unfortunately, the color and sizing didn't come together. Instead my SP-1 gloves were $119.
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I have a pair like that, but they are made by CCM...I play left wing.:rofl:

Cool looking gloves...:thumbsup:
how are yours off and on? mine are ultra snug around the wrist.. (nice glove too)
I just tried mine out for the first time today. They do certainly take a while to put on and take off. I feel very secure in them, but it does require a time commitment before you hop on the bike. They are pretty snug too. My left thumb was in physical pain on the first part of my ride tonight. After a break for dinner, they didn't hurt as bad for the rest of my ride. I hope they break in after a few more rides. Because they are made out of actual leather, I'm expecting them to improve comfort wise as they break in. The temp was between 75 and 80 for my entire ride and they weren't too hot. I didn't feel much venting, but then it wasn't hot enough to really need it either.