Almost made "COPS"


Ok, here's the story.
Last weekend, I was at the Cheeseman's place for a couple of days.
Well, after a long, hot day, I decided to get a motel room and stay the next day also.
I left Cheese in search of an inexpensive place. I pulled in a Conoco station to get some bottled water, cuz I was dying of thirst. As I pulled in, 2 very nice looking girls were walking across the parking lot.
Well, I HAD to check them out! Anyway,as I passes them, 1 girl said "wassup"? I returned the "wassup", and kept on rolling towards the building. I stopped the truck and went in, got water and went back to my truck.
I was getting in and noticed that the 2 girls were walking toward me. As they approached the truck, 1 of them said, "what ya up to"? I said "nothin, what are ya'll up too"?
The black girl said, "just tryin to make some money".
Being that they were both extremely good looking and in no way, had the "crackhead" look. I responded with, "are ya'll cops"?
They didn't answer me, they just said, "are YOU a cop"? And started looking inside my truck, like for a camera or microphone.
Playing it off pretty well.
Then she said, lets go to our room, room 122(next door motel).
I said, "no, I have to go get a motel room".
She said, "we already have a room, come with us".
I said, "NO, I mean a room to stay the night".
She then said, "you can stay with us for the night, room 122".
I said, "No, I gotta go get cleaned up and rest for awhile".
She said, "come see us after that".
At that point, I knew it was a bad situation and I was just passifying them, to get gone.
I said, "ya'll gonna be around later? I gotta go for now"
They said,
"Yeah, if you don't see us, just come to our room"
We parted ways at that point.
I knew it was a setup.
(1) They were BOTH REALLY good looking, crackheads aren't.
(2) I have never seen streetwalkers, walk in pairs.(they don't wanna share that rock)
(3) I thought that since I was in Austin, that maybe they were College girls just tryin to get by. Then I thought, NOWAY!
With looks like they had, there are PLENTY of guys that would GLADLY take care of them!

Second verse.

I got a room, cleaned up, cooled off, watched some TV. Then I wanted to go out to 6th street. BIG party area in Austin.
Well, The Conoco station was on the way.
Low and behold, as I approached the station, there were 2 MORE girls walking across the parking lot.
ME, being ME. Can't leave well enough alone. I pulled in , to get a closer look. These 2 were kinda average, too, not so hott status. (They coulda almost passed). :laugh:
Well, as I pulled in, I saw them(together), walking up to a white SUV. I just kept rolling, right out the other side, across the street, and into the corner convience store.
I made a turn around, to get a better view as to what was about to take place, and just as I got turned around................IT HAPPENED!

The white Crown Vic pulled in and right up to the SUV,
2 big dudes sportin GUNS and BADGES jump out, pulled the guy's door open and slapped the cuffs on him!

the "LIVE" episode!
I'm watchin this guys life, change, right before my very eyes!
Poor bastid went to jail.
The 2 girls(cops), hauled azz out the back of the lot, thru the bushes, to safety.

Man, I was trippin. Never seen a bust (of any kind). go down right in front of me.

Now, the thoughts?

I know what they are doin, is for a good cause, and it's the right thing to do, BUT.
MY problem is the way they are going about it. "I" pulled in, minding my own buisiness, to get some water.
I wasn't looking for a hooker. THEY approached ME. I had to go around this 2 or 3 times, because they wouldn't let up.
How many times do you have to tell them ,
before it becomes entrapment?
I coulda just said, NO, leave me alone. But(honestly), I was just trying to smooth my way out of it, and not piss them off. IF it had been the real thing,
Nobody(even crack whores, I guess?) wanna just be dogged out, so I was just trying to leave, and not cause a scene.

NOW, another thing.

"WHAT IF", I had of just agreed to go to room 122, just to get them heading toward the room, so I could get out of there???

I woulda got a free meal AND a free place to stay that night!

What do ya'll think?
The First two were, Real genuine street walkers working in pairs for safety. The second two were COPS working the area after it had been...I dunno, Primed?:super:

Or they were just twisted COPS working it a little too hard. If they lay it on like that it would be really hard to get a conviction or even a legit arrest.
I've always thought it's silly to use tax payers money to "entrap" (and let's face it, it's entrapment) a guy with undercover "prostitutes"...really, I can think of so many other problems they should be spending time working on...who cares if someone pays for sex? Is it really something worthy of continually trying to stop? It's not going away...yeah, yeah - the same can be argued about the nation's drug problem...not getting on a soap box...too tired :D

I'd venture to say the area is well-known for it's "ladies", so Rev might be could have had a good time sleeper! Or, you could have been staying for free at the local jail...

Glad you didn't make COPS! :tounge:
Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do when they come for you ....

All suspects are assumed GUILTY till proven Innocent :cool:
That's sad, just really sad.

Why is it that certain departments manage to do nothing but babysit people that would otherwise not be criminals? Such a shame. :sad:

Do you know which department it was?
I am sure that specific police department wanted to ensure they got some good footage and did all they could to get a bust. I would say that would be entrapment considering how hard you tried to nicely say No. Pretty funny story though.
Has it ever happened to you when this seller is so persistent / boring / devoted / maniac / $#"%"$#& / painful / relentless that you buy whatever he is selling so you get rid of him?

"Do you girls go away if I say yes?"