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I got the Hindle put on this afternoon! I spent about three hours on it. Not bad considering I really, REALLY took my time to be careful and not scuff the new pipes and to make sure they lined up perfectly. Also spent some time double and triple checking clearances everywhere. The install went smooth. No surprises or cussing fits, just smooth wrenchin' and loads of fun. I'm impressed with the quality and fit of the BDE/Hindle!

Enough talk, let's get the pics started! I like to call this set of photos "All The Pretty Horses", as in blingin' horsepower! :cool:

First the BDE PAIR block off plates. Top notch kit!

The BDE/Hindle parts layed out just before trial fitting... Yep, that's two of my best bath towels sacrificing their lives for the project. Glad I ain't married!!! :D

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WD-40 is your FRIEND during the trial fitting! Makes the pipes go together and twist for adjustment MUCH easier. Excellent tip. make note of it if you plan to install a slip fit exhaust like the BDE/Hindle...

*Note the mountain of packing material that Tom @ Veltune had around my precious parts! I love Tom! ;) :D

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One of the exhaust port spigots and the Permatex Ultra Copper goo. I figured getting the spigots in the head pipes and getting them lined up would be one of the harder parts of the install... PAINLESS!!!

Now we're making progress! Got the spigots lined up and header bolts finger tight. Smooth sailing with the radiator layed forward out of the way.

Uh oh! Big Daddy Bling is in the house! You can't even begin to imagine how careful I was in handling that can!!!

Sewing things back up. Fan reinstalled, radiator/oil cooler bolted back up. Had to adjust the oil cooler line on this side slightly for proper clearance but it was an easy process.

Tell me this don't make ya horny!  ;) I think I need some KY. :laugh:

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Last one for now. As you can see, the last few pics were made with the flourescent lights in my garage. That explains the funky color tones in those shots. It got dark before I got done. I still have to do the air box mod and reinstall it. I also have to load the BDE map before I fire it off. This is what it looks like installed though. This is one schweeeeeet system! I can't friggin' wait to finish the air box and map it so I can hear the dang thing run. Not gonna happen tonight though. 0430 hours comes WAY too early for me to stay up that late.

More pics to come as soon as I can get it out in the daylight in better lighting.

Bullet, I have to say that hindle exhaust looks awesome, Love the way you take care of your bike
that pimpalicious....where did you get that copper goo??....I'm gonna need some when I do my install this winter....

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