Air shifter

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what is an air shifter and how does it work?

Is it only drag racing or does it work on the street too?

Is it better than a stock shifter?

How much (and how easy/tough to install)?

Enough questions for now,
Ok, I'll take a stab at this one.

An air shifter is a pneumatically operated shift mechanism that is much much faster and precise than your foot (less shift time equals more power to the road time). I can't say for certain but I can tell you that it is normally only used for special racing situations (drag only?) and is not normally used for street use. I would also guess that it is no average DIY job.
I had an airshifter installed on my V-Max. Basically what it does is allow you to shift without using the clutch, and without letting off the throttle :cool: You have a small button on your bars that you hit when you want to shift. When you hit the button, your spark is killed for a split second to take the torque off of your shift dogs, and at the same time an air piston pops your bike into the next gear. The shift is so smooth and precise that you hardly know it took place. They are pretty slick.
use only when accelerating at 80% or more throttle, and at high rpms. otherwise you may bend a shift fork.

Big bottle - air supply tank
Button - hit it
Kill switch - stops fuel or spark for a fraction of a second
Slave cylinder - in picture, shifts for you

sorry for the bad pic.

No one addressed price, or how easy it is to install. I sell a complete kit with High pressure system, and (no kill box) for $300. A basic kill box will be around 125. I made my instructions simple enough my wife could install one.