Air shifters?


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Hey guys and gals its been a long time since i posted im able to ride agin but my foots still banged up. So my question is do any of you have air shifters? Or does any one want to chime in on air Shifters for the busa? I realy think i will need one if im going to do more then a few hours of ridding.
Air is only going to shift one way.. You might look into some of the electric shifters.
ya shift up right its the only bad part of my foot ? i can shift down . Electric huh didnt know they made those for bikes might look into that too.
Glad to hear your back on 2 wheels,about a year and a half ago I installed a Pingel electric shifter and consider it one of my best mods on my bike. Anything from just cruising to WOT at the strip,very reliable,well made and adds abit of bling to your bike too. The folks at Pingel are great and stand behind their product 110%. It's also easy to install as well. The best part is you never have to refill your extra tank either, always ready to go.Just push for up or down. Many say it cost more but the time I've saved never dealing with or refilling an extra bottle has paid for itself
Heres a pic of the push button and shifter

Hey Bro

Dont know if anyone has chimed in on the Cycle-Tek airshifters as yet...But they are pretty cool.