Pingel Electric Shifter


Anyone out there ever use the Pingel electric shifter? If so, what's your experience, how's it work, was it a hard or easy install, does it come with all the necessary parts?
80% of last season,maybe 200 out of 250 passes. Push button up and down shifts with adjustable kill time. Still going strong for this year. Fairly easy to install,everything is in the kit. The folks at Pingel are great when it comes to customer service and questions (ask for Randy in the tech.dept). The instructions make it very easy. they have a video showing the shifter in use.
Worth every cent,never had to refill air or CO2,never missed a shift because of low psi,less weight too. Just keep your left foot clear of your shifter, DON'T bang 2nd gear around corners until your really used to it,its a blast once you do though. You'll like it on the street too
i love my pingle, looks great to. Lot's of people don't like them, they are not cheap, but worth the cash man!